With the nights gradually drawing in, don’t let this put you off running, go out and enjoy the fresh air.
These are our top tips to keep you active and safe whilst running.


Running whilst listening to music is a great way to stay motivated, having your headphones on full volume may distract you from what’s happening around you, if possible leave them at home, or if using AirPods just use one, being aware of your surrounding is imperative, we don’t want you running into other people or obstacles.


Heard of the saying “safety in numbers”, we don’t want to scare you but running in a group is a great way to socialise but also keep you safe whilst running, there are probably lots of other runners that also feel the same way, join a local running group or start your own, pounding the tarmac in a group makes you run further, motivated and acquire the daily gossip also allowing you more freedom of where and when you run.


Find a route that is well-lit, stick to an area you know, and plan your route carefully main roads and streets are normally well-lit, there are also lots of apps that you can download for different areas of the country if you fancy a change. Let friends or family know where you are going and a rough idea of how long it will take, fully charge your mobile before you leave an uncharged mobile is useless.


Put on your favourite pair of Gaineasy seamless leggings or seamless shorts and pair them with a reflective top, these reflect the lights of oncoming cars or street lights so you can be seen, always run towards the traffic so their headlights show you “Stay seen and Stay safe”. There are also many small lights available that you can attach to your hat or shoes so there’s no excuse not to be seen whilst running.


Warming up outside when it is cold takes longer for your muscles to warm up, and cold temperatures mixed with cold muscles can cause injury. so these are our few simple exercises to warm you up and improve that important blood flow.

Walking Glute stretch, Walk forward, lifting your knee up towards your chest, holding for one second, and repeat.

Walking Hip Stretch, Walk forward, lifting your outside leg up and in towards your body with each step.

Walking Lunge, Yep forward with a long stride and drop your back leg towards the ground, focus on keeping your front knee over your ankle, do 10 for each leg.


Your pet needs exercise too, so why not take him or her with you on your nightly run, it will feel you with confidence and a sense of protection and give you that extra pull we all need.  Buy them the latest reflective jackets too. Best friend for life.

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