Want to know which activewear is the best for you? Let's compare Gaineasy to some of the other industry favourites.


Gaineasy wouldn't exist if it wasn't for those see-through pair of activewear leggings Logan's girlfriend wore to the gym many years ago. When creating an activewear collection, making sure the fabric is squat-proof is always the first thing to be ticked off the checklist before any other changes are made! The high-quality, high-performance fabric blends used will have you never worrying about your underwear choice again with the tightly knitted construction, see-through leggings are a thing of the past.


Affordable activewear 'fits are the best fit, why? Well looking good and not breaking the bank while doing so is definitely a challenge, but so easy with Gaineasy! All Gaineasy leggings are £24/$34/€29.95. Some of the other industries' favourites begin at £50/$65/€59.86.


We were definitely not the ones who invented seamless technology, but if we do say so ourselves we do, do it well, like very well. We're not called the 'seamless specialists' for no reason. Seamless activewear leggings are knitted on a tubular machine, with only the inner leg seams stitched together, whereas regular leggings might look the same from afar however, they are crafted using a completely different method called 'cut and sew'. Why seamless is better than cut & sew activewear.


Our first sustainable activewear collection Reflex is definitely our most talked about and wanted collection yet. Yes... It will be restocked! Reflex seamless is crafted from earths unwanted materials. A combination of 13.34 (550ml) plastic bottles per set form the collection while maintaining a soft touch feel. Various activewear brands have begun to introduce sustainable collections, however not at an affordable price point. You may be saving the planet but definitely not your purse. 

Who would like us to add more sustainable seamless to Gaineasy? Shop sustainable: Reflex seamless collection


Always wondering when that parcel will arrive weeks after you ordered it? You're never left in the dark when you order from Gaineasy. Each order receives a tracking number once fulfilled. Nope, not one that only updates once you have received it, pointless right... But notifies you of every step of the journey right to your doorstep via email or SMS, leaving you never wondering when your parcel from us will arrive.


A few quick and easy clicks is all you need to get the activewear you had your eye on. The Gaineasy website is much easier to navigate than other activewear sites, making the shopping experience fun and easy! Everything you need is just a click away. 


More than just an 'activewear brand'. With physical and mental health being so closely linked, we donate 10% of our profits towards mental health charity