Join us as we go through our top 3 podcast recommendations at Gaineasy, a sneak peek into what you would hear around our office.


The Girls Bathroom

In need of a girly gossip fix? Every Wednesday, influencers and lifelong best-friends Sophia and Cinzia release their weekly podcast ‘The Girls Bathroom’. Consisting of dilemmas that we hate to admit we all face, boy talk, and best friend drama. Sophia and Cinzia are like the big Sisters we all wish we had. With the option to send in your own personal dilemmas, all anonymous of course, you could gain the advice that you’ve always been seeking. Or if you just want to go along on the ride of listening in on all the gossip, then this could be the best podcast for you! Listen here: The Girls Bathroom


The Diary Of A CEO

Not a fan of music when in the gym? Why not try a motivational podcast? Join Steven Bartlett on his weekly episodes while he digs deep into the lives of many inspirational individuals. Currently consisting of 182 episodes, there really is an interview worth listening to for everyone. From female footballer Alex Scott, on her motivational battle with a speech impediment, to comedian Jimmy Carr, shining light on how important it is to really chase your dreams. This podcast really shows the hard parts of today's well-known icons' past, and will definitely allow you to relate to these individuals and understand that if they can succeed, and stay motivated through any of life’s trials and tribulations, so can you! Listen here: The Diary Of A CEO



Who doesn’t love all things weddings? Listen in on Jamie Lang and Sophie Habboo on their journey to the big day. From hen and stag plans to the vows and all in-between. If a wedding isn’t exactly on the cards for you right now, do not fret, as this podcast is for anyone that is just up for a laugh with the made-in-Chelsea stars. With only 26 episodes so far all around 30 minutes, there is still time to catch up on all the drama. However, maybe save this one for outside the gym or be prepared to be laughing the whole way through your session. Listen here: NearlyWeds

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