Here are some of the things you should think about before picking your next gym 'fit, whether that is seamless or cut & sew activewear.

What is seamless activewear?

Seamless activewear technology is an innovative knitting concept that produces flattering activewear practically free of unwanted seams, sewing & stitches.

Seamless activewear is created in a single knitting process that eliminates side seams. By eliminating most fabric cutting and sewing processes, the production process is optimized, making seamless production much faster than the traditional cut & sew production, taking around 25-35% less time to complete. To create seamless activewear, a factory technician programs the highly advanced circular knitting machine based on requirements via a computer that allows different stitch patterns to form the activewear, creating different designs.  

What is cut & sew activewear?

Cut & sew is a more commonly known and regularly used process, where fabrics are cut into individual panel shapes and sewn together. 90% of your wardrobe is most likely made using the cut & sew method unless you're a big lover of seamless activewear like us!

The benefits of seamless technology 

If you have seamless activewear, you already know how dreamy it feels. If you don't, this is why you should and is why Gaineasy is using seamless technology to create each collection!

Comfort on a new level 

Nobody likes getting that irritating itch while getting a sweat on, with the fewer seams seamless activewear provides compared to cut & sew activewear, annoying marks and itches will no longer be an issue, making seamless the most comfortable style of activewear.

Due to the minimal seams seamless attains, seamless provides a lightweight construction making you feel like you almost forgot to put clothes on before you left, allowing you to focus on the sets and never the leggings again.

Fits like a glove

Seamless activewear is flattering on all body shapes. Seamless activewear practically molds to your body and moves with your every move, thanks to the level of elasticity provided. 

More sustainable 

As seamless activewear is crafted on circular knitting machines, forming one piece of fabric. Seamless skips the labor-intense need of cutting and sewing multiple pieces of fabric to form the activewear which tends to cause fabric waste. 

With that being said, we have taken our level of sustainability one step further and introduced our first-ever sustainable collection, with sustainability now being a huge focus within Gaineasy.  Shop Reflex sustainable collection 

Forever lasting

The benefit of having little to no seams in comparison to cut & sew is that you don't need to face the issue of seam failures, making seamless extremely durable.

Is all Gaineasy's activewear seamless?

Yes! We're not the 'seamless specialists' for no reason. Who knows we may introduce a cut & sew collection in the distant future but for now our eyes are focused on seamless collections! Shop all seamless collections